5 Tessanne’s Chin Length Pixie Haircuts Black Women

You find that particular haircuts look adorable with specific categories of people if you took time and made this observation. Tessanne’s chin length of black women is one of the categories that captured my feelings that I found useful to share you with. These women have different face shapes but they have in common is the shape of chin. It kind of makes these different women look alike, but for this time round my area of focus is on how they show up with different haircuts. If you’re black woman out there with the same chin and would like to have wide options of short haircuts to style season to season then this article sorts you out. As you go through this article you will pick interest about latest Tessanne’s chin length pixie haircuts for black women world over fall for. Some of these haircuts are worn by celebrities, high profile models and those other black women that feel should keep on trend. 1. Tessanne’s chin length pixie haircut-Mohawk Source:  The African American women on top chose to shave one of the sides then the rest of hair is kept long and reach mid cheeks. And hair is pushed on to sides all the way from extreme top side that is shaved. So hair in the middle section is pushed from right towards left hand mid cheeks. While hair at the back of neck is pushed towards bottom from top but doesn't exceed neck length. This haircut has two options to go about; you can either pull it on natural medium length relaxed hair or on weave. This babe looked fabulous with Tessanne's chin length Mohawk haircut on round face. On her face she has interesting features that make her looks wonderful to mention; she has sexy and lovely eyes, has dimples and with all this combination on her looks make her look enticing. Another point of interest about this haircut is that has hair is pushed towards the left mid cheeks tips are trimmed to this length but as you make hair you face them up while hair at the back of neck is made looking down. At the end of day this haircut looks fashionable and looks great to black women from 20's, 30’s to 40's. Determine your face Shape: the African American woman in the background has round face shape on Mohawk haircut, and in common all haircuts in this article have Tessanne chins. Another factor that makes woman look wonderful is the way you shape your eyebrow, others pull is tiny all the way through while others ladies make it big at start and finish it narrow. Which Hair product to apply? For instance if you wear this haircut on natural hair apply Motions Daily Moisture Hair & Scalp Hairdressing 6 OZ, because it makes hair smooth , add more body to hair , balances moisture round your hair and leaves it looking shinny since it silicones ingredient. And if you are wearing it on weave on scalp and shaved side apply tee tree hair conditioner because it will condition your hair and at the same time prevent itching up to when you're done. And on top apply olive sheen spray to moisturize it and to make it manageable. It also locks in sheen and last keeps hair looking original. Which styling tools apply? If this Tessanne's chin length Mohawk haircut is pulled on relaxed hair, you take step to shave hair on the right hand side very short. So hair at the back of neck it also shaved on less volumes while hair in mid section and left side long but not exceeding mid cheeks. So after shampooing hair you apply cotton towel to absorb most of water and leave small amounts. Add setting lotion and make hair towards back. As you apply rollers on to your hair fix it facing exact direction you want hair to position to make styling easy when hair is done. If you're wearing this exact haircut on weave, after shaving one of the sides, draw the rest of hair with cornrows using black weaving threads. At time few volumes of your natural hair is left out especially at beginning of hair contours as in on top and after right hand sides. So after fixing weave on top you push your natural hair on top of weave to look invisible. Apply scissors on to your hair to shape it then add hairspray on to your hair to make it moisturized then apply comb to complete it. 2. Tessanne’s chin length pixie Purple haircut Source:  There’s a time when one feels should look unique, you can decide to change for a while to wear colored hair and give natural hair break. It doesn't necessary mean you need to add color to entire natural hair? While they're options of wearing colored weave to achieve your expectations. The African American beauty up front fell for short pixie purple weave that she pulled on stacked style. Straight away when you look at this hairstyle you tell that at bottom your natural hair is drawn with cornrows. This weave is straight so for some areas where you need to pull waves a tong bristled comb will apply. As you fix on weave, on the right hand side its fixed short and is made towards bottom. At back of neck you fix it on small volumes for haircut to have perfect shape. However at crown you fix it with more volume all through the left side and you make it long. Push hair with bangs towards the left and trim tips on top of eyes. Continue pushing hair towards cheeks and trim it on ear length. Push some tips forward to create space between tips for the rest to be pushed at bottom ears with sharp edge. On top of ears on the left trim hair on top so that ears are visible. Towards the end of ears push long sharp edge that touch between ears and at back of ears push hair towards bottom. Back at crown push hair towards the left and on top tips looking backwards. Determine your face Shape: It seems this Tessanne's chin look wonderful on round face shape. The way you comb your hair gives it another taste. So the way this haircut is pulled with bangs and feature sharp edges on sides makes it quite unique. For cases where you have another face shape rather than round face shape your hair stylist will give highlight you more. Because you try the weave on as you check in the mirror and as you style it you make sure it comes out perfect. Which Hair product to apply? As this haircut is applied on weave, at bottom you add bees wax to make scalp moisturized. In case you have dandruff apply product that is sulfur based to prevent dandruff or itching. On top of weave apply Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray because it condition’s it to make it smooth, to detangle it, put off frizz and to nourish it. Which styling tools apply? first you have to have handy the following; colored short weave on purple color, weaving thread to make cornrows on your natural hair, have scissors to shape weave, have weaving needle to fix weave on, prior to styling weave add spray on top of weave to make it smooth thus when you apply comb hair moves swift. Another factor here lies on the way you make cornrows. If you're to part hair on sides as you make cornrows you have to make this allowance as in when fixing it come becomes easy and the haircut comes out perfect. 3. Tessanne’s chin length pixie alternate slide haircuts Source: You can be fun of colored pixie short haircuts and rather want to also pull all styles different and wondering how to go about it on Tessanne chin length? This article has what it takes to avail you with different tastes that will make you score high. There’s an alternative of pulling pixie blue and black haircut on Tessenne chin. And as the sky is not the limit you can either add it on multi color wavy weave that features red , yellow highlights and black hair on sparingly areas round your hair to make it look colorful. As you check the blue and black pixie haircut on the right hand side, you leave hair at the crown and on the right hand side long and with volume and features both blue highlights on top while at bottom natural black color is seen. For this section of hair you're able to pull bangs all the way from top left side towards the right hand about cheek length. So hair on the right hand side features blue highlights on top and at bottom black color is seen. As you trim the left side, hair from top up to middle part has more volume while the lower section is reserved short. That’s from the left hand side and back of neck. So as bangs are pulled towards the right almost entire forehead is covered leaving small area above the left eye visible. Likewise you can add color on relaxed hair and trim it medium short. Remember when you add color on your natural hair is will lock within up to three months. It goes on fading out with time, this kind of hair applies to those African American women who are done with hair and what they're looking up to is to look decent. For those ladies that cherish their natural hair can apply short weave that has these alternative. If it’s hard to get exact weave that has all these highlights you fix with in an extension of the actual highlight you're looking for. Assuming you applied color on to your natural hair, it’s wise to trim you hair first to required level. It has to be relaxed first because when you relax hair after adding color it polishes off. After adding color to your hair you wait about 30 seconds for color to hold. To check whether it time to wash off color it forms ash and tends to fly off. When hair is done to add rollers and drying you then add product on scalp and few amounts on top. Then gently message product on entire hair to fill up. Pick comb and make hair on to sides and hair at top back of neck pushed clockwise. At front as you push hair from left to right push bangs to cover almost whole face with sharp tips hanging. Towards ears let hair be on top with tips looking inward. Determine your face Shape: The two short haircuts with slide pushes are round face shape, however these haircuts too look great on oval face shape, and long face shape too cut the list short. Match it either long or short earrings to complete your looks as per your interest and dress code of the day. Which Hair product to apply? the blue and black colored short haircut on the right at bottom add Dax Hair Food Plus4 7 OZ , that is formulated with vitamins to work on hair and repair dry scalp and on top add olive oil sheen spray. Then on colored hair use Argan Oil Hair Mask, 8 oz. Hair Treatment Therapy that is best to bring life to dry hair, name it colored or natural. Which styling tools apply? The blue and black highlighted haircut in case you want to apply it on natural hair? Add color on top of hair and at bottom maintain natural color. Trim it to required levels. And for multi colored hair on the left your natural hair has to be relaxed. Trim it appropriate and add color. Last add rollers while drying it to make it easy for styling. Apply an appropriate comb to pull lose wave alongside bangs. 4. Tessanne’s chin length pixie brown haircut Source:  Have you known before that short hair is one of interesting hairstyles that has a variety of options name it on color, natural hair or weave? Any slit pose you add on to your haircut makes it look outstanding. The African American lady on top is wearing Tessanne's chin length pixie brown haircut, she trimmed it on different lengths that gave the haircut a stunning Bob. When you take a close look on this haircut it features on brown color and straight in nature. The interesting part of this haircut is that hair on the left hand side hair is trimmed relatively short but with volume. Hair parts in between the left top side and the top area of this haircut. So from top left hand side hair is pushed towards bottom while hair on middle top is pushed towards the right hand side. Finally as hair parts towards the right you trim it long enough to secure side swept bangs. Bangs should reach eye length and tips looking backwards. Behind bangs hair is pushed long enough to reach mid cheeks to come up with cute pose. Likewise hair at back of neck is trimmed on the same volume as for left side especially the upper part. From mid back of neck going towards bottom hair is trimmed with less volume on ascending order to give this haircut perfect shape. Determine your face Shape: the African American woman on top is in her thirties, but this exact haircut team’s perfect up to 40 years plus. She has long face shape and Tessanne chin. The interesting bit about her looks is that she applied brown color on her eyebrows. And her eyes are brown too on lighter skin tone. She wore decent outfit that can go formal or great casual whatever the case may be. About her lips she chose pink gloss but otherwise you can as well add colorless gloss or any favorite color that blends with either your nail paint or toes. The good news i have for you concerning this haircut is that other African American women with other face shapes can't go wrong with it. Which Hair product to apply? The haircut on top is applied on weave, so at bottom add BB OLIVE OIL HAIR DRESS 6 OZ that is formulated with conditioners and moisturizers to tame dry scalp then on top add hairspray for strong hold, sheen locking and to keep hair looking original. Which styling tools apply? You need to have handy short straight colored weave of your choice, with you have weaving threads to help you out when making cornrows. Have with you small pair of scissors to trim your hair as shown in the background. Another factor here is to have weaving needle that applies when fixing weave on. With you have normal bristled comb preferably small size that has long tail to make hair? 5. Tessanne’s chin length pixie super short haircut Source: I love the celebrity pose of haircut that is pulled on Tessanne's chin length pixie super short hair, this babe parted hair on top right side with part facing either on the right and left from the crown. A line drawn in between and stretches up to the end right top. So the area of interest about this haircut is that she added gel on to her natural hair which makes it corporate. Whereas hair on the sides and back of neck is kept on low volume, hair at the crown is reserved with more volumes so as to create a big push and at the end of day this haircut gives her chic, cool look. You shouldn't wait to be a celebrity to wear this haircut, but just in case you love super short hair and lack ideas of how to go about it when you need to have a different look then this haircut will sort you out. another option of how to make this haircut look wonderful with gel, making it going backwards then press hair forwards on waves starting at front going towards back of neck. Determine your face Shape: the lady wearing Tessanne's chin length pixie super short haircut up front, has an oval face shape. She added decent make up that keeps her almost looking natural. She has bold eyes and she chose Silver Star earrings she matched with her outfit that made her score high. However this haircut also look cute on long face shape, heart face, round face and many more for point of information. Which Hair product to apply? Apply before you apply gel on relaxed hair; add small amounts of Jojoba hair oil on to your natural hair to lock in moisture. And on top of hair add Olive Oil Sheen Spray for strong hold and healthy look. Which styling tools apply? Assuming your natural hair is already relaxed, you first trim hair on required levels using pair of scissors. After shampooing hair it needs to have steam. Conditioner is added on to your hair then steam allows the product to penetrate through your entire hair. Leave hair with few waters and add gel then push hair in these directions seen on top and sit under drier for gel to hold .

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