5 Short Pixie Haircuts For African American Girls

Short hair is the way forward especially for those girls that no longer want to carry long hair but feel little bit adding color on to their natural hair and other alternatives. Apart from adding color to your natural pixie short hair, you can as well play it cool by applying it on weave, or trim your hair very short then apply curling tool to either add curls or waves or all chop super short hair at back of neck and part of lower areas at back of sides then leave more length on top sides, crown and front area when hair is added with color. These are few of those numerous options as to go about short pixie haircuts for African American girls. In this article I found it useful to go in to detail about Short Pixie Haircuts for African American girls of this era mostly find interest? I guess you too upon going through this whole article will pick yourself one. 1. Short pixie blonde haircut African American girls Source: Do you find yourself doing without colored hair, especially if you're to trim it super short and mind your looks? The short pixie blonde haircut African American girl in front of you is one of the alternatives that can't skip your mind. If by any chance you find yourself going blonde and pixie, this haircut is here for you. What makes this haircut outstanding is the line that is drawn permanent on the left side top. This haircut is worn by African American girls that cross from teens to 20’s, 30’s and even bridge gap to forties. This haircut look total awesome on anybody regardless of your skin, but an added advantage goes to lighter skin tone because it makes your tone look brighter. Feel ok to add lots of jewelry and makeup and surely you will make heads nod to compliment you. Determine your face Shape: the short pixie blonde haircut worn by African American girl on top is pulled on round face shape. What makes this haircut best of all is that no face shape that you blend with it goes wrong. However you can try it on another color like white blonde or red on top and at bottom you reserve natural black color for better looks. Which Hair product to apply? The short pixie blonde haircut African American girls up front can be added with BB Hair Food Hair & Scalp Nourishment 6 OZ because it’s wonderfully and for purpose made as conditioner for colored hair, or damaged hair. It will keep your hair looking beautiful. Which styling tools apply? For such colored and short pixie haircut, first you have it trimmed with pair of scissors. In case you're applying machine you just pass it on top hair to chop it with care for excellent measurements. When hair is perfectly leveled you apply scissors to draw a line on one of the sides. Last add color on to your natural hair and when you're done you again apply scissors to balance your measurements. Last add hair product to moisturize hair and to lock in lasting sheen. 2. Short pixie full bangs haircut African American girls Source:  If you happen to be an African American girl and miss out on such haircut am wondering which tales you will pass to your grandees. For sure this haircut is awesome, for seasons when temperatures are low this haircut will give you lots of peace. Since it covers entire forehead it causes heat on hot seasons. Back on track this haircut is trimmed long from mid crown coming forward and part of left side slightly off your forehead. On the right hand side you reduce length a bit as in for this side hair will have few volumes yet hair on the left features with more volume and length. While hair in the mid section is light and trimmed on top of eyes. She wears this haircut on dark army green color, it looks total awesome. So the lower part of hair that's from eye length going round the head up to bottom hair is trimmed very short thus your haircut is styled to kill! This cute African American girl thought it wise when she added big colored earrings and shading her eyes because she really looks sexy, if you happen to take a look on her you can't leave without compliment. Determine your face Shape: the short pixie full bangs haircut that features on African American girl on top is blended on heart face shape. Otherwise if you happen to have a different face shape other than the one mentioned on top, with no doubt you will look beautiful with this haircut once you trim it appropriate. Then add color last and before styling trim off few hairs that seem stretch beyond your measurements. Which Hair product to apply? If you're wearing this haircut on natural hair, apply Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling elixir 2 oz because it’s formulated to condition your hair, improve texture, replaces lost moisture especially on colored hair that loses it quickly and at the same time leaves hair pretty manageable and smooth. and incase you’re wearing the same haircut on weave apply Tee Tree leave-in treatment because it conditions your hair and at time of removing hair you find it long and with strength. Then on top add hairspray to keep hair evenly moisturized like Olive Oil Sheen Spray. Which styling tools apply? Assuming this haircut is worn on your natural hair, first this hair seems to be relaxed. If your natural hair is not relaxed then this step should be carried on first. Dry it then take a trim. For some areas where hair has volume lke on top front area do the needful. And at bottom trim hair short. Add color to your hair and for you to pull waves easily apply rollers when drying hair. Last but not least add hair product on scalp and few amounts on top and message gently to distribute it entirely round your hair, proceed with styling. 3. Short pixie wavy haircut African American girls Source:  Nothing can stop you from having pretty look, as far as a short pixie haircut American girl is concerned. This babe seems to wear this haircut on weave but if you love it on natural hair too it can be achieved. You add relaxer on to your hair to make it that smooth then proceed with hair trim to achieve your dream. Ok if we're to go with the first option, you have to have handy short wavy weave. On the lower part of hair that’s on the sides and at back of neck you pick it very short, and towards end top of hair at the back you begin to increase length. However you have to face it towards back. Now on end of crown you add weave with volume and with little length up to mid way. For the rest of hair coming towards forehead, you fix weave with more length and kind of stretched as you push it forward. You will be able to push bangs that cover half of your forehead as you push bangs towards the right. The way hair round ears is fixed should be loose wavy and tips from mid ears pointing at back and as you continue towards cheeks you increase length as you check in the pictorial on top. This short pixie haircut looks fabulous to girls and advanced girls that are round forties and even fifties. As each African American girl has different taste one can as well wear it on alternate colors like blonde, red, purple, green name any color that will blend with your skin tone. Determine your face Shape: The short pixie wavy haircut African American girl up front is worn on oval face shape, lighter skin tone. This exact haircut can be worn on dark skin tone too and on another face shape on hot looks surprisingly. Which Hair product to apply? As we all know at bottom of weave you draw your natural hair with cornrows, so to keep scalp moisturized and with hair ingredients that will keep it growing and at the same time to put off relief of an itchy environment apply Tee Tree leave-in- treatment. And on top of weave add hairspray to moisturize hair, lock in lasting sheen and keep it on original look. So apply Oil sheen oil spray for this purpose. Which styling tools apply? to make cornrow on your natural hair of course you apply weaving black threads and small tail comb to help you pick small volumes of hair up to when entire hair is done. So to fix weave on top it's in order to start at back of neck shooting forward. After getting done with fixing weave on top then apply small pair of scissors to level hair perfect. 4. Short pixie micro wavy haircut African American girls Source:  If you're fun of micro short hair and you want to pull waves that look decent for all purposes? This haircut in the background sorts you out. This haircut is cut on arithmetic lengths. Hair at the back of neck is super short up to midway, like wise on right hand and left like few inches off ears. As you come from top back of neck going forward towards forehead and hair on both sides you increase volume. You make sure your natural hair is trimmed to appropriate lengths, add relax on to your natural hair to make it manageable. For this time round to make this haircut you will apply curling tool. So you need to dry hair normally after adding conditioner to make it look nice at the same time adding necessary ingredients on your natural hair formulated within conditioner. Beginning at back of neck you will pick small volumes of hair and apply curling tool up to the last tip as you fold in inward. Repeat the same process until you’re done with entire hair. Apply tong bristled comb to make hair because it’s perfect at locking in waves. Complete hair by adding hairspray to make hair lock in sheen and for even moisture distribution round your hair. Determine your face Shape: the short pixie wavy haircut African American girl up front is held on round face shape. The interesting part about this haircut is that it looks wonderful on any face shape of any African American girl out there. Mostly this haircut looks great on natural black compared to other colors. However note should be observed on amount of heat applied making it, it’s emphasized to keep it moderate to avoid hair losing its strength. Which Hair product to apply? Apply bees wax hair product on scalp and on top of hair for even moisture distribution round hair, to make hair manageable and to lock in sheen. Which styling tools apply? On clean hair which is dry, you apply few volumes of hair product on top of hair then with help of small normal bristled comb that has tail, you pick few volumes of hair then apply curling tool. You fix in on power to make it produce heat. Apply small towel round shoulders for hygiene. 5. Short pixie choppy edge haircut African American girls Source:  Hair has all what it takes to transform your original look into a more meaningful you and at the end of day you check a smile on your face. Some African American girls love colored hair but to make it look sound able you find one chopping it at tips. The African American idol on top featured her short pixie choppy edge haircut on three colors. At back of neck it features natural hair while the rest of hair from this point coming forward features most on brown color. So the right hand side above ears few tips edges are colored light brown. All hair on top is pulled with loose waves and edges chopped at tips. Determine your face Shape: the African American lady pulling short pixie choppy edge haircut is either oval face or long shape according to my observation in the background. However it doesn't imply that only these face mentioned on top are the favorite but it can also be worn on other African American face shapes. Which Hair product to apply? On entire hair apply Jojoba Oil since it’s capable of keeping your hair with strength, lock in sheen and to restore back moisture. It’s formulated with three major natural extracts that favor these values listed on top namely; soy bean, coconut oil and castor oil. Which styling tools apply? Step one to achieve this colored short pixie haircut is to trim your natural hair on appropriate lengths. However the back part of hair is secure on natural color while the rest of hair coming forward is added with color. but before adding color to your hair , your natural hair has to be relaxed and if it's to be done at this time of hour you do relax hair first then add color last because relaxer will bleach color. Apply rollers when drying hair and when hair is dry add hair product on scalp and few amounts on top then message gently to distribute it evenly. Last apply tong comb or equivalent comb that can support you when pulling loose waves. Feel ok to add hairspray on top of hair for strong hold.

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