How To Hide Big Ears (For Women With Big Ears)

Most people don’t actually look at their facial-features as critically as you do may even see your ears very normal or a positive feature. However, you as a person may see your ears a little bigger than normal-size and that’s when you will have to take some time to find a style that will to improve the appearance of your ears when in the public. So, in this post I’m going to provide you with some of the best ways you can use to hide those big-ears:  

METHOD-1: Using Accessories to Hide Big-Ears:

  • Wear earrings: wearing the right earrings will actually help to alter the overall appearance of your ears as desired. However, wearing wrong earrings will just make big-ears stand-out even more which isn’t good. So, there 2 approaches people use to hide large ears and you will need to try them both to see what works best for you. These include; wearing small-lobe earrings because they detract attention from tall or stuck out ear-tips or wear large-lobe earrings that help to make ears look relatively smaller.
  • Consider wearing sunglasses: sunglasses not only draw attention to your eyes but a pair of sunglasses with large frames can partially hide your ears if push towards your forehead. So, if you don’t have to wear earrings then consider putting-on sunglasses with wide frames in-order to hide those big-ears.
  • Wear a flashy top or necklace: you actually distract people for noticing your big-eyes by simply wearing a bright-color or vivid-pattern top and a good necklace. In fact, chances are very high for other people to barely notice your big-ears in-case you draw their attention to elsewhere. So, don’t worry about your ears, just put on something flashy and attractive so that people draw attention to that instead of your big-ears.
  • Try contouring the face with makeup: wearing makeup actually helps to focus attention on your face. So, try contouring your face using 2 shade of foundation. In fact, you will need to start contouring the outline of your face with foundation 2 or 3 shades darker than your skin then apply lighter-foundation to highlight areas like the center of your forehead and bridge of your nose. Blend all the foundations together especially along the border between them. Additionally, you may even contour the outer edge of the ears in the same way but this can be hard to achieve especially if you're not used to applying makeup.
  • Pin back ears with double-sided tape: if you feel very insecure on certain days, then pin back your ears to the side of the head using double sided tape. However, use tape that is intended for use on the skin to avoid pulling-out any hairs during the process such clothing fashion tape. Additionally, pinning ears with double-sided tape is a temporary measure for occasional use and you will actually have to remove the tape at night when going to sleep.
  • Consider covering the ears completely: There are actually several accessories that can be used to hide your big-ears and these include; headbands, earmuffs, bandanas, turbans, scarves, hoods and large-hats. Additionally, even a large pair of headphones will also cover your ears perfectly especially when engaging in solitary activities in public.
  • Apply a tattoo onto your ears: some women will actually prefer applying a tattoo onto their ears in-order to make them look into something else and this actually distracts other people from noticing that your ears are big.
  • Go for an ear-pinning or ear-tuck surgery: if big ears make you feel extreme discomfort or low self-esteem, then consider going to a cosmetic-surgeon for an ear-pinning or ear-tuck surgery that helps to pull back the ears closer to your head. However, consider going to a professional-surgeon in-order to reduce on the risks of serious injuries during and after surgery.

METHOD-2: Changing Your Hairstyle to Hide Big-Ears:

Try to alter your short hairstyle: in case you have a short-hairstyle, apply a hair mousse or any other styling-product and then muss your hair into a bed-head look since this helps to partially hide your ears or even distract them. On the other hand, you could try to grow-out the hair-sides to a medium-length in-order to cover-up your ear-tips then keep the rest of the hair short. Add a volume and lift enhancing hair-product: The more volume your hair gets. The easier it will be to cover-up your ears. So, there are several ways you can use to add volume and lift to your hair and these include; apply a dry-shampoo, applying a hair-mousse, curling hair, adding waves to hair and getting a perm. Style hair into a loose ponytail or braids: in case you have long-hair, then pull it back loosely so that the sides arc over the ears in-order to create a ponytail. In fact, side ponytails and braids will work perfectly for any lady but avoid tight or high ponytails because they pull hair away from the ears. Additionally, you can even go for the princess-Leah side-bun look in-case you want to completely hide your ears. Grow-out the bangs: Long and side-swept bangs can actually hide your ears completely. Additionally, even shorter bangs left in-front with the rest of the hair pulled-back will help to make your hairstyle look softer so that your ears are not as much of a focus-point to other people.

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