15 Best Hairstyles For Teenager Girls

Teenage girls really love trying out different hairstyles and sometimes even try to experiment with their hairstyles in-order to add a fresh twist to their looks. Since teenage girls are very innovative and prefer trying out something new and exciting every day, we have decided to sort for you some of the best hairstyles today that will allow you to achieve that sexy and unique look whether you’re going for school or party.
  1. Fine Layered Hairstyle:

Fine Layered Hairstyle This fine layered medium-length hairstyle with simple side-bangs will make any teenage girl look simple, sassy and classy. In fact, not every teenage girl should a crazy hairstyle and that’s why girls who prefer looking simple and elegant at school should try out this great sleek hairstyle with awesome layers. On the other hand, to style this hairdo you will have to first prep your hair with a hair-serum then use a flat-iron to straighten it. Finish by applying a light-hold spray for long-lasting shine and hold.
  1. Fringed Ponytail hairstyle:

Fringed Ponytail hairstyle This fringed ponytail is usually worn by most celebrities and this is mainly because it looks cute and sexy. So, teenage girls who wish to achieve that awesome celebrity look should tryout this fringed-ponytail. To style a fringed-ponytail, you have to comb some hair to the front and then brush and gather the rest of your hair to the back of your head. Secure the hair at the back with an elastic hair-band and then style that hair at the front into a simple fringe that covers your forehead. Lastly, tease the hair at the crown in-order to give your hairstyle a casual-look.
  1. Boho Braided Hairstyle:

Boho Braided Hairstyle Bohemian hairstyles look very amazing and vibrant whereby this makes them some of the best hairstyles for teenage-girls. In fact, Bohemian hairstyles will make you look great whether you’re going at or spending a day out with friends. However, Bohemian hairstyles are not that simple to style and you will actually need to seek professional-help in-order to achieve great styling results.
  1. Curly Textured Bob:

Curly Textured Bob This nice-looking bob-hairstyle with curls will work perfectly for most teenage girls because it makes anyone look stylish and pretty. To achieve this haircut, you will have to prep your hair using a serum and then create a deep-side partition. Afterwards, brush all the hair downwards then get a flat-iron to straighten the hair at the top till midway. Curl the hair at the ends and finish by applying a light-hold spray in order to achieve long-lasting results.
  1. Colorful bob hairstyle:

colorful bob hairstyle You can actually enhance the appearance of your bob-haircut by simply adding some color to it. Adding color to hair will make any teenage-girl look funky and edgy whether going to school or party. However, coloring hair into multiple tones is not an easy process and it may require you to the saloon and afterwards style your hair as desired.
  1. Long Tousled Ombre Layered hairstyle:

Long Tousled Ombre Layered hairstyle Ombre hairstyles will give any lady a pretty and elegant look that is just perfect for any occasion. So, to achieve an Ombre-tone you have to dye your hair with different shades of brown and then style it as your prefer. Additionally, try to tease your hair a bit using fingers in order to give it more lift and volume.
  1. Messy Short Ponytail:

Messy Short Ponytail A messy short ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for teenage-girls. This hairstyle actually looks awesome on all face-types and it’s even very easy to create. To achieve this hairstyle, create a deep-side part and then comb the rest of your hair backwards and tie it into a ponytail. Afterwards, pass your fingers through hair and ponytail to create a messy appearance.
  1. Quirky full-Bangs hairstyle:Quirky full-Bangs hairstyle

If you love layered hairstyles with bangs then this hairstyle will work perfectly for you. It actually features quirky front-bangs that generate a teenage vibe and will actually make any teenage girl look unique and beautiful. So, if you’re not afraid of getting that wild-look then go for this amazing bob hairstyle with great bangs
  1. Messy side French-Braid:

Messy side Braid French braids are one of favorite hairstyles for teenage-girls because they are very easy to create and make girls look younger, beautiful and sexy. So, to create this side-French braid you have to comb all your hair backwards and then twist the hair on sides into braids running up to the hair-tips. Remember to apply shine and hold spray in-order to keep the hairstyle intact all day.
  1. Shoulder Length Bob:

Shoulder Length Bob Shoulder length bob-hairstyles will never go out of trend because they make women look edgy, chic, classy and trendy. In fact, this hairstyle will suit every face-shape and that’s why many teenage-girls love it. On the other hand, this hairstyle gives anyone a neutral look whereby any lady will be able to go for any occasion, party and even classes when wearing this hairstyle.
  1. Side Swept Ombre Bob hairstyle:

Side Swept Ombre Bob hairstyle Side-swept Ombre bob hairstyles really look great on most women because they contain different color-shades that help to draw attentions towards the face. in fact, hairstyle will make you look pretty and elegant but you should try to add some volume to hair by simply running your fingers through hair in order to generate a tousled look.
  1. Sleek Side Ponytail hairstyle:

Sleek Side Ponytail hairstyle Most teenage girls really love this hairstyle because it makes them look pretty and even compliments any outfit that you may be putting-on. On top of that, this hairstyle is very easy to create whereby you will just have to straighten all your hair and then gather it at the back and secure it with an elastic-band. Finish by apply a hold and shine-enhancing spray in order to achieve a long-lasting results.
  1. Straight And Curly hairstyle:

Straight And Curly hairstyle If you want to look extremely elegant, cute and sexy then tryout this straight-to-curly hairstyle. In fact, it features a straight top up to around the mid-length then the rest of the hair that falls below the head is styled into sexy, voluminous and bouncy curls that any lady would love to get. On the other hand, this hairstyle is very easy to create whereby you will just have to straighten the hair at the top up to mid-length then curl the hair below using a curling-wand. You may even pass your fingers through styled hair in-order to add texture and volume.
  1. Tight Knit Side Braided hairstyle:

Tight Knit Side Braided hairstyle
  1. Wavy and Tight Curls hairstyle:

Wavy and Tight Curls hairstyle

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