5 Head Turning Short Bob Haircuts African American

Short Bob haircut for African American is the way forward for those ladies who want to maintain trendy looks. You can style short Bob haircuts in many options that capture individual women because everyone has a taste. Women pull Short Bob haircuts in these categories so far that makes them stand out; short blonde or white blonde haircut, colored short Bob Haircut on sharp edges, short Bob on straight weave or natural hair , short Bob haircut layered or short Bob haircut one side short and much more options that awaits you to exploit. 1. Short White Blonde Bob Haircut African American Short white blonde Bob Haircut African AmericanSource: Look this fabulous with white Blonde haircut African American, for women between twenties up to late forties. This haircut looks great for casual, formal, special functions like parties and weddings. On every face shape and skin complexions of any African American women this short white blonde haircut just looks perfect. The haircut before you is pulled on weave and what make it standout are bangs that is pulled pointing on the sides above eyes that cover almost entire forehead. On one side just eye brow is visible and one of the cheeks to make the wearer of this haircut look cute. The African American woman in the background added on top of short bob white blonde haircut , working on her skin , it’s clear she just applied makeup that connect with her skin tone. She added purple lip sheen, shade her eye brow with dark color and last she painted her eyes with a sexy color to stay looking fabulous. Determine your face Shape: For the haircut in the background is pulled on heart face shape, what is left to be done is wearing it on other African American women other face shapes to look war. Hair product to apply: Apply hairspray on to this white blonde short weave which is Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to provide your hair with adequate moisture, detangle and keep it looking original. On scalp you can fix hair product that has sulfur ingredient. Which styling tools apply? After making your natural hair with cornrows, you add short white blonde weave on top then trim on ends with scissors. You apply small bristled comb to push hair straight on the sides and at the back of neck, push bangs from extreme left forehead towards the right hand above eyes. 2. Short Bob Haircut Long faces African American Short Bob haircut long faces African AmericanSource: Look good with short Bob Haircut Long faces African American that is colored on sharp edges. This haircut looks great with young women up to women in fifties. This haircut work out on natural hair and weave and for change every African American woman should try it because it’s unique and rear among bob haircuts I have seen before. First you take your hair for a trim and at the back of neck you cut it super short and on little volume. On the sides you trim hair with long edges that touch cheeks, when you come towards the front part of hair from mid crown. Push hair from mid crown towards forehead and cut hair above eyes to push bangs. Determine your face Shape: This haircut is pulled on long face shape of African American woman, nice hair always keep you with smile because you’re confident of your looks. But if any black woman of a different face shape falls for this haircut out there, take a step because it will look good on you too. Hair product to apply: Apply organic root stimulator olive edge control gel 2.25oz for strong hold, adds shine to your hair and add moisture evenly. Which styling tools apply? Use scissors to trim hair and after washing hair dry it and leave few amounts of water within then set hair on rollers to dry. Use either hand dry or hand drier to dry your hair then comb it straight as shown in the background. 3. Short Bob Straight Haircut African American Short Bob straight haircut African AmericanSource: You have seen several Bob haircuts before but here comes yet another Bob haircut that rocks with any African American woman, who is not certain which haircut to go for? The haircut in the pictorial is demonstrated by Rihanna which is short bob straight, its features natural black it’s layered on one of the side then the other on few volumes and at the back of neck. This haircut can be pulled both on natural hair and on weave, natural hair takes you for short period then weave short haircut takes you for long period. Whichever option that falls your way you pick your best among the two. Let’s go for short bob straight haircut pulled on natural hair; after taking it through wash with shampoos for relaxed hair as usual you apply rollers on your hair according to the length of your hair. When hair is dry you apply hair product on the scalp to moisturize it then pick small amounts of product on your thumb and rub gently then apply on top of hair. First use a big toothed comb to remove tangles and finally apply small bristled comb to part hair on the sides in the middle front part of hair. As you push hair on the left you push it with more volume, at the start of push you make a big bump or push and towards the end tips of hair on the left hand side, trim it with sharp ends. On the right hand side push hair from top coming down on small volumes when trim ends straight sharp towards the chin. At the back of neck cut hair at neck length and push hair straight. Add hairspray for long hold and for hair to lock in lasting sheen. Determine your face Shape: This haircut is pulled on oval face shape and to make this haircut look so cute, Rihanna added medium length earrings full of art. But any African American woman of another face shape also looks great with this haircut. Hair product to apply: Use Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress Unisex Moisturizer, 8 Ounce, to make your hair smooth, moisturized and making looking in lasting sheen. Which styling tools apply? Just apply rollers on your hair to work out hair easier and perfect, when hair is dry put them off then comb hair as shown in the background. 4. Short Bob Haircut African American Girls Short Bob haircut African American GirlsSource: An African American Girl is expected to wear trendy hairstyles to keep record and on trend as any modern girl would show up. This African American babe in the pictorial caught my eyes when she wore short Bob Haircut that is pulled straight on weave with curves and sharp ends on both sides. This babe looks hot with sleeveless top and faded skinny jeans. Her natural hair is pulled on medium sized cornrows and small part of her natural hair left in between both sides to cover cornrows. The color of the weave looks exactly like her natural hair thus making it hard to tell whether it’s her natural hair or weave. Determine your face Shape: The short Bob haircut African American girls before you is pulled on round face shape, this haircut looks perfect at any destiny and no worries at all only complements cover you. If any African American out there with different face shape falls for this haircut, feel free to work it out because it will look nice on you. Hair product to apply: Always weave come dull and dry so to make it soft, moisturized and looking original ever use Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce. Which styling tools apply? Since this haircut is pulled on weave, you are required to leave out section of hair where it parts to either direction to wash and set it on rollers then later on push it straight to cover on top of weave. The rest of your natural hair is pulled with cornrows and short weave added on top. Before making your hair, you apply hair product on scalp and on top finish with hairspray then finally apply small normal bristled comb to make your hair. 5. Short Bob Haircut African American at 30 Short Bob haircut African American at 30Source: Nothing brings a smile on a woman’s face like knowing she’s looking beautiful, hair is one of the necessary necessities that any woman should make sure it on trend thus making her add value to her natural beauty. Originally some years back men used to fill l proud of their spouses with long hairstyles but today the statement has changed. Short hair verses long hair but at the end of it short hair takes the lead because its maintenance is economic, the length of hair its self is so comfortable for all seasons, and had more options of styling than any length of hairstyle. Check how great this African American woman in her 30’s wore short haircut featuring natural black with brown highlights on few areas around her hair to make this haircut colorful. This haircut is pulled on short weave, so after fixing it on top of cornrows you trim it so short on the right hand side , at the back of neck up to mid left hand side. Long pieces of weave are fixed at the crown through mid left coming towards the front up to mid cheeks. Part of hair at the front pushed towards your forehead is trimmed from the right hand side with sharp edge before ears and another pointing above eye brow. Some of hair around forehead is pushed from right towards left hand cheeks to pull bangs for a stunning look. Determine your face Shape: This haircut before you is pulled on long face shape of African American woman in her 30’s , however this haircut looks great with other black women up to forties on different face shapes. Hair product to apply: Apply bees wax on scalp then on top of hair use Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray to keep your hair looking original, moisturized, frizz free and tangles less. Which styling tools apply? Apply so far the best material to make cornrows on your natural hair known as sea gull featuring on black color, fix weave on top of cornrows then use small pair of scissors to trim your hair as required then complete using small comb to make your hair as desired.

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