5 Beautiful Short Haircuts For Round Faces African American

There’s no big deal with short haircuts for round face African American, the only reason I write this article is to get more information on how to go about your particular face shape and how best you can make your hair to look stunning. With me in this article have collected 5 Beautiful Short Haircuts for Round Faces African American of different age brackets to inspire any African American woman who has less expertise on how to pull different short haircuts with color on a particular face shape. 1. Beautiful Short Haircut for Round Faces African American in 40’s Beautiful short Haircut for Round Faces African American in 40’sSource: Keep your faces smiling with short fine haircut colored in brown for Round Faces African American in 40’s because every face shape has what goes best with , that’s why am here to take you through all ways possible to keep looking charming no matter the age bracket you fall in. Short hair is so comfortable because you take just seconds to make it and it’s easy to turn into anything. Brown hair has never been a mistake to whoever choices to go with it, it looks great on any African American skin tone and face shape. The lady in the background is in her 40’s and on round face shape she picked to apply short brown hair on fine hair. First and foremost this hair takes less time to make when you compare with any other hairstyle. You make cornrows on your natural hair which can take you 30-45 minutes then sewing weave on top takes about 30 minutes, washing hair and drying won’t take over 45 minutes and you’re out of salon full of smiles. Determine your face Shape: As already said before, this short haircut is featured on round face shape; however nothing can stop any African American woman of different face shape from looking nice with it. The reason it is coming out nice on this face shape is that as you fix weave on top of cornrows you divide hair into three sections; from bottom to mid sides going through back of neck you fix small volumes of hair piece, from this point up to start of sides and the back you increase volume as you build up the shape then last apply more pieces at the crown not forgetting to part hair on the sides from the right hand for a nice haircut. Hair product to apply: Use Jojoba Oil on scalp and on top of hair to make your hair moisturized and to be filled with essential vitamins got from best natural extracts that make this hair product namely; castor oil coconut oil and soy bean and hair looking original. Which styling tools apply? To make cornrows you will need black sea gull threads, to fix the weave on top you will need sewing niddle and sea gull threads then small pair of scissors to level hair and last a small comb to make your hair as desired. 2. Beautiful Short Haircut for Round Face Blonde African American Beautiful short Haircut for round Face Blonde African AmericanSource: On round face shape you can have short haircut when it’s curly on blonde, this haircut is applied with blonde dye on your entire natural hair. First you will have your natural hair cut when hair on the sides is few then volume maintained at the crown. Second you will then relax hair with curly relaxer and later wash it off. Last apply blonde hair dye on the entire hair let’s say from the back of neck coming forward until every part of hair is worked upon. After washing off dye then apply hair product to lock in curls and to keep hair moisturized. Short hair works hand in hand with jewelry, you can either put medium or super long earring to look colorful because when you cut hair super short you head appears small then when you add jewelry you become complete. Determine your face Shape: The blonde haircut before you is featured on round face shape and better still you can wear it on any face shape and look hot. Hair product to apply: Use Marrakesh Oil Hair Styling Elixir 2 oz, as the best hair product for color treated hair to make it smooth, control frizz and to keep hair looking shinny. Which styling tools apply? Use a small comb to push hair whichever direction you want because this volume of hair fits these bristles. 3. Beautiful Short Haircut full bangs for round Faces African American Beautiful Short Haircut full bangs for round Faces African AmericanSource: Look cute young African American women on round face shape when you wear short thick haircut pulled with full bangs to cover the upper part of your forehead for a sexy look. Nicki Minaj a well known celebrity in the above pictorial is giving us the best example, she wore short thick haircut that reach cheeks then at the front part hair is pulled with full bangs to cover the upper part of forehead. Only eyes and part of eye brow of both eyes are visible, giving you un opportunity to color the down part of your face with best makeup that blends your natural complexion. To look sexy you can as well color your lips according to the color of your outfit and nothing more. Determine your face Shape: Haircut above is featured on a round face shape as the topic of the day states, and to the best of my knowledge I assure you this haircut looks nice with any other face shape. Hair product to apply: Since this haircut is worn on thick weave when you apply hair product it requires you to consume lots of product to make it moisturized which seems to be hassling, rather apply Bees wax on scalp and Organic R/S Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray, 11.7 Ounce for all hair types on top because it easier and makes great impact on hair. Which styling tools apply? You will fix weave on top of cornrows so you will need in place sea gull threads to make cornrows and to fix weave on top. It’s necessary to have a pair of scissors to balance length of hair evenly. 4. Beautiful Short Haircut for Round Faces wavy African American Beautiful Short Haircut for Round Faces wavy African AmericanSource: Make your round face look cute when you grow your natural hair to medium length then go for a haircut to keep hair on the sides and at the back of neck very short. Secure a line on the left hand side using a comb when you push hair on the sides down and hair in the middle part up medium short. This haircut is applied on relaxed hair so hair is smooth to either pull waves or push it straight. To have healthy looking hair after washing it with shampoo, you apply conditioner within your hair for seconds to improve texture and to add strength. To make hair look nice and wavy after washing of conditioner then you use rollers to set it then sit under drier or use hand drier to dry. After this step you apply product on scalp and few amounts on top the comb as you wish. Hair in the mid part is longer to push long waves facing backwards then hair at the front up to mid of crown pushed up wards straight and tips pulled with waves looking at the back. Determine your face Shape: For this haircut before you is worn on a round face shape and to be realistic it looks great on any African American face shape and skin tone. Hair product to apply: Use Mizani Rose H2O Conditioning Hairdress Unisex Moisturizer, 8 Ounce, to keep your hair and scalp moisturized and to make hair shinny ever. Which styling tools apply? Use rollers to create wave to your hair then apply small comb to make it. 5. Beautiful Short thick haircut for round faces African American Beautiful Short thick haircut for round faces African AmericanSource: To differ from those haircuts above, you can apply medium short weave featuring on black with brown highlights that touches shoulders then pull bangs with front hair on sides covering part of your forehead. As usual beneath weave you make your natural hair fill with cornrows, as you’re fixing weave on top is proper to start from the back of neck coming forward. A few inches from the back towards the side of let hand side, you fix weave looking inwards but pushed on the right to pull bangs and when making it you face up end tips above one of the eyes to look trendy. Determine your face Shape: This haircut before you is on worn on a round face shape but the advantage it has is that it looks perfect on any other face shape of African American women out there. Hair product to apply: Since the weave is layered it needs to apply hairspray to detangle it, keep it smooth and keep it look healthy so apply Bobos Remi Wig & Weave Detangle Spray. Which styling tools apply? Apply medium bristled comb to make this weave then when you pull bangs you apply a small comb to complete it.

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